Sunday, October 23, 2011

Living Waters 23 October 2011

When Elsabe van Zyl phoned and told me the tent they use for meeting has been repaired and they are able to have church inside again in Ext 5 in Botleng I could hear the excitement in her voice. We joined hand in celebrating this event and empowered the almost 90 children and a few adults how to be aware of human trafficking. As pastor James said it is so sad that many parents are still not aware of this huge danger that faces our children.Parents still leave their kids unattended or sent them away to play without checking regularly. Lucky was able to connect so easily with the kids and because of his outgoing character the children could relate to his situation.
  • The contrast in the different church buildings we attended the past few months is huge.
  • The question of how to reach out and reach within remains.
  • The feeling of appreciation for a chair to sit on, the luxury of furniture - how feeble it may be - becomes bigger.
Will many moons will pass before rich and poor meet?

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