Sunday, October 23, 2011

Living Waters Botleng

Living Waters 23 October 2011

When Elsabe van Zyl phoned and told me the tent they use for meeting has been repaired and they are able to have church inside again in Ext 5 in Botleng I could hear the excitement in her voice. We joined hand in celebrating this event and empowered the almost 90 children and a few adults how to be aware of human trafficking. As pastor James said it is so sad that many parents are still not aware of this huge danger that faces our children.Parents still leave their kids unattended or sent them away to play without checking regularly. Lucky was able to connect so easily with the kids and because of his outgoing character the children could relate to his situation.
  • The contrast in the different church buildings we attended the past few months is huge.
  • The question of how to reach out and reach within remains.
  • The feeling of appreciation for a chair to sit on, the luxury of furniture - how feeble it may be - becomes bigger.
Will many moons will pass before rich and poor meet?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Groot geskrik!!!

By Heidi Kleuterskool kon ons saam met hierdie en ander kleuters die 3 stappe onthou van wat om te doen as jy skrik. Veral 'n groot skrik omdat jy met gevaarlike items soos vuurhoutjies, messe, skere en wapens gespeel het. Omdat kleuters van nature gaan ondersoek instel, en partymaal juis dit wat hulle verbied word om te doen, kon hulle saam met Lucky ontdek hoe om te maak as jy so skrik dat jy eerder wil wegkruip!!

Mensehandel en Vreemdeling Gevaar

September 2011 het ons in die Delmas en Eloff omgewing kinders bewus gemaak van die gevare van vreemdelinge (fisies en ook vreemde gedrag). Molestering en geweld teenoor kinders kan seker nie net oor gepraat en kopskuddend verwys word nie, en dis hoog tyd dat daar vir die kinders gepraat word, met die kinders gepraat word en saam met hulle gepraat word oor die euwel. Wysneusies, Beertjies kleuterskole en ook Eloff Laerskool en Eldamah en Nesher privaatskole is besoek. We had a good time visiting above mentioned schools.Kids are becoming Traffic-proof , and have to be well informed of the dangers they face .Puppets bly n baie goeie mediums om sulke sensitiewe onderwerpe te hanteer.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vlakplaats:Sunday 4 September 2011.
It was such a priviledge joining hands with Pastor Sonnyboy to reach the Farm Sundayschools in the district of Delmas, with the Traffic proof programme. Sonnyboy arranged for them to be driven to three different locations on the three sundays.A total of more than 250 children and their sundayschool teachers were reached.
The learners heard that they are free and that they can dream. no one is allowed to steal your dreams by using and abusing
Presentation at Eldamah Academy .We are empowered and we are part of becoming a Traffic Proof community was these learners response on 30 August 2011.
Eldamah Acadamy in Delmas were receptive and eager to be taught about the dangers of Human Trafficking

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Daffy Dil en Lady Bug by Laerskool Hannes Visagie se opedag.

Ope dag by Hannes Visagie

"Goggas" was die tema van Laerskool Hannes Visagie in Nigel op 15 Augustus. Ons het baie pret gehad saam met al die goggas , Jasper IV , Lucky en die drie- tot sesjariges

Farm Sundayschool with Sonnyboy

Pastor Sonnyboy is of great help interpreting the message of being Traffic Proof in the Delmas region. Six Sundayschool from the local farms were gathered in a barn on Sunday 7 August.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sizuzile Primary School

Sizuzile School has 1500 learners, therefore we had to do the Traffic Proof in three sessions. Grades 6 and 7, then grades 4 and 5, and finally the foundation phase from the grade R's to grade 3. Pastor Lewis is was the interpreter to bring the message of being a Traffic Proof school to the learners.

Sizuzile Primary - Human Trafficking

1500 learners were taught how to protect themselves from human trafficking

Traffic proof presentation at Sizuzile Primary School

Pastor Lewis and Johan at Sizuzile Primary School in Botleng on Thursday 21 July 2011,working together to warn and teach about human trafficking.We belief that the message of being Traffic Proof was a breakthrough.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The learners of Laerskool Sundra are well informed of the dangers of human trafficking and know that they are special.
Mense handel program/human trafficking presentation at Laerskool Sundra on Monday 20 June
Be sure to travel safe - with whatever form of transport!!!
"Vat jou tyd" so vertel Vader Tyd voordat jy oor die pad hardloop
Rynfield kleuterskool is baie opgewonde oor Maiah puppets wat kom kuier Woensdag 15 Junie en meer kom wys en vertel oor Veiligheid in vervoer.